Monday, 30 May 2016

Standing With An Army

I'm in pain, I'm a child, I'm afraid
But, yeah, you understand
Yeah, like no one else can
When I'm with you
I'm standing with an army
I'm standing with an army

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Valari Skin, Vabriel
Tattoo - White Widow -Zoom in Black @ Shiny Shabby
Outfit (Skirt, Top, Boots) .AiShA. - Deva (gacha items) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Upper arms and bracers - Aisling - Aspasia (gacha items in store)
Collar - Aisling - Nura Collar @ The Fantasy Collective
Dragon - Cureless - Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragon Familiar (gacha item) @  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Conversation With A Butterfly.

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Valari Skin, Vabriel
Eyes - A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes-Cyan/Purple- 7 (found on the market)
Hair - Moon Hair - Barracuda @ Whimsical
Rings and Bracelet - Plastik - Lianwe Ohm Rings and Bracelets
Top, Pasties, Over Skirt and Skirt - Belle Epoque { Persian Dancer } gacha @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Crown, Necklace, Nose Chain, Butterfly and Staff - .Enfant Terrible. Moondchild (gacha machine in store)

Taken @ The Lost Unicorn

Sunday, 29 May 2016


Anyone who knows me knows I don't really do pink, but omg this new skin from Fallen Gods at the Fantasy collective I just had to have!! Look at my cuteness!!! I am also wearing a preview from Aisling for the Arcade coming up in June! I loooove these items! The set is stunning (please see below for the gacha key) and keep tuned for more pictures of these items (I have been ill so a little behind)


Shopping List

Tiara, face dots and nose ring - Aisling - Karishma (gacha items for the up coming arcade opening june

Collar - Aisling - Nura @ The Fantasy Collective
Breast covers and panties - Aisling - Lagun @ The Fantasy Collective
Chestlace - Aisling - . Leona Chestlace - Style 1
Upper arms - Aisling - sadhana (gacha item in store)
Nose chains - RYCA  JEWELRY - SIDF Gold
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears, Large
Wings - Plastik - Dene Wings (gacha item in store)
Hair - Exile - Never Time at All
Particals - **CC** - Glamour Glitter - Flames (Oceania) ((Marketplace))

Monday, 23 May 2016


Just look at the amazing Plastik goodies at Whimsical!! I have played all day with these beauts. The horns I am especially in love with, and as always with Plastik items, it's hud driven and comes with countless colour options for you to mix it up. There are things not shown in the above picture, so I have included the gacha key and the taxi so you can go pretty yourself up :))

Horns, Earrings, Bracelet, Rings, Nose Stud,  Necklace - Plastik - The Opaline Pearls Gacha @ Whimsical
Head - Genesis Lab - Ingrid (gacha item) @ The Dark Style Fair
Hair - Exile - Rain (gacha item in store)

Sunday, 22 May 2016


Enchantment is under way and this rounds theme is "Thumbelina" I headed back and got myself some more goodies as I just could resist!

Shopping list


Head - Genesis Lab - Bianca (gacha item) @ Kustom9
Hair - Little Bones - Tara
Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears, season 5
Headdress - Evie's Closet (market place, I think)
Earrings and necklaces - Plastik - Onylarra Jewelry @ Enchantment
Dress - Zibska - Zsuzsa @ Enchantment
Wings -  Seven's Selections - Ragged Fairy Wings, Pastel,


Flower with poses - TABOU. - Thumbelina Flower @ Enchantment
Purple muchrooms - *HEXtraordinary* Purple Ink Cap Clutch (gacha item) @ Enchantment

Best Of Friends


Shopping List

Head - Genesis Lab - Rina (gacha item)
Hair - Truth - Roux
Dress - Sweet Lies - Thumbelina Dress #5 (gacha item) @ Enchantment
Lamp (in background) - Sweet Lies - Flower Lantern Staff #2 (gacha item) @ Enchantment
Branch wings & Antlers - NAMINOKE - Fairy Branch in pink @ The Fantasy Collective
Flowers upper arms, hands, legs & head -  NAMINOKE - YUKIYANAGI (pervious gacha items)

Taken at the beautiful sim The Lost Unicorn

Friday, 20 May 2016


Shopping List

Birdcage Chair - Vita - Shown in white
Body Suit - Aisling - Isfyr @ Whimsical
Collar - Aisling - Meave (gacha item) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Face Chains - Aisling - Xanthe -Dentelle Gold (gacha item at mainstore)
Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears, season 5
Hair - Little Bones - Tara

Monday, 16 May 2016


The new round of Enchantment is underway and the theme this time round is "Thumbelina" I love doing fantasy and fairy tales so this is totally up my street. I have to tell you about this dress I am wearing. It's from Zibska and not only does it look amazing!!! It comes in some really beautiful colours which is all hud controlled ANNNND you can mix and match like I have done to get a really unique look! The head is a new gacha at Kustom9 from Genesis. I have recently got a new head (will add info and picture to blog soon) but this is so pretty I couldn't keep my hands off! I took the pictures at the Enchantment sim (god bless my new laptop) which is so beautifully done, even if you don't buy a thing (good luck with that ;)) the sim is really so well done, you feel like you have been shrunken down to the size of a thumb. See below for shopping list and taxies <3

Shopping List

Head - Genesis Lab - Bianca (gacha item) @ Kustom9
Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears (season 5)
Eyes - A.D.D.Andel - Galaxy Eyes- Purple/Orange (gacha item? Found on the market)
Hair - [LCKY] - Freya in Rose @ Enchantment
Wings - AII - Pixie Wings (comes with and with particles) @ Enchantment
Staff - Bliensen + MaiTai - Campanula - Staff/Lantern - blue @ Enchantment
Dress - Zibska - Zsuzsa  @ Enchantment
Crown & Collar - Aisling - Sumiana Crown in Gold
Chestlace - Aisling - Leona Chestlace
Bracers - Aisling - Isobel - Bracers (gacha item) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Rings - RealEvil - Dark Queen Rings


Tattoo - White Widow @ Enchantment. wearing Inferno in black

Taken at the beautiful sim The Keys

Butterflies Of Shadows

Shopping List

Dress - VITA - Black Butterfly (standard and mesh body sizes)
Headdress - AZOURY - Jacquimot Headwear [Onyx] @ Enchantment
Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet - Mandala - Lotus in Black
Rings - Real Evil - Dark Queen Rings

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sakura Blossom

I had a wonder around the newly redone The Looking Glass. I can't put into words how truly magical this place is. It has so much to see and do. It's perfect for taking pictures, for hanging out with friends or loved ones, or to simply take it all in and have some quiet time alone. Go see the amazing beauty yourself HERE. Also, here are some more goodies from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Shopping List

Headdress, Necklace, Upper Arms, Bracers, Hands and Belt - Aisling - Isobel NEW  at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress - ::Axix:: - Jainna Dress Princess (rare) NEW  at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Head - Genesis Lab - Rina (previous gacha item)
Hair - Little Bones - Lo
Ears - Bentbox - Sylvan Ears, Large

Saturday, 7 May 2016


There is a  new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We <3 Rolepay, and as always, Aisling and the amazing Tattoo's by White Widow do not disappoint!! I will let the pictures do the talking as I can't find the words!! Just wow!! Below is all the info you need for your shopping as well as taxies, enjoy :)

Shopping List

Outfit (crown, collar, upper arms, bracers, upper and lower legs, belt, bra, chain & skirt) Aisling - Meave @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Tattoo - White Widow - Gravity @ We <3 Roleplay
Cape - Aisling - Danae @ We <3 Roleplay (This cape is hud controlled and you can change the texture and colour inside and out!)
Hair - Catwa - Aimee

Friday, 6 May 2016

Wild Women

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Wylde, Rakke
Hair - Argrace - Urei
Tattoo - White Widow - Criminal, Henna @ the Cosmopolitan Event
Headdress with Feather (highest headdress), Nipple Covers, Shoulder Ploom, Belt with feathers - MUSE - Hoodoo Shaman outfit
Headdress with chains - Aisling - Dangara, Tiara (gacha item, machine in mainstore)
Chest Chains - Aisling - Aphrodite, Bra  (gacha item, machine in mainstore)
Gold Belt - Aisling - Aphrodite Belt (gacha item, machine in mainstore)
Upper arm's, bracelets & Upper leg's - Aisling - Khatel  (gacha item, machine in mainstore)
Nose Chain - RYCA - Nose Chain SIDF Double
Spear - PFC - Bone Spear


Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
         Only, of course, they can't sustain the part.      

 Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Constella Skin, Atria
Hair - Analog Dog - omega
Eyes - - Galaxy Eyes- Yellow (gacha item, I found them on the market)
Tattoo - White Widow - Conjuring in Gold
Rings - Real Evil - Dark Queen Rings
Headdress - Aisling - Aspasia headdress (rare gacha item, machine at mainstore)
Face Chains - The Forge - Rosana Jewelry, face chains (gacha item, machine at mainstore)
Collar, upper arms and lower legs  - Aisling - Faranth (gacha items, machine at mainstore)
Bra, panties and skirt - Aisling - Phryne, yellow (gacha items, machine at mainstore)
Chest chains - Aisling - Leona Chestlace
Staff - Plastik - Veryn Staff (gacha item, machine at mainstore)
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears
Particals - CC - Night Of The Fireflies (store closed at the moment, see marketplace)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

She ....

Skin & Headdress - Fallen Gods - Gold, Pure @ The Fantasy Faire, sim The Golden Delta
Outfit, including bracelets and upper arms - deviousMind "Iset" **RED** EgyptianSilks
Hair - Wasabi Pill,  Cleo @ The Fantasy Faire, sim The Golden Delta
Face Chain - Aisling - Xanthe -Dentelle Gold- RARE (gacha item in store)
Chest chains - Aisling - Sofia Chestlace
Belt - Aisling - Tiernan Belt
Snake - Zooby - White snake (unsure of LM)

Blossom Magic

Skin - Plastik - Constella Skin (Femme):// Lunale @ The Fantasy Faire, sim serenity
Dress - deviousMind, Arabesque, Lilac @ The Fantasy Faire, sim The Golden Delta
Unicorn - Jinx - unicorn standing wareable @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Breeze
Pose with light effects - Eternal Dream, Sorceress 02 pack @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Breeze
Petals - NAMINOKE - Sakura Petal @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Echtra
Hair - AII - Amalthea
Headdress - Aisling - Flora Headdress
Chest chains - Aisling - Shalimar - Chestpiece rare (gacha item in store)