Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Found a Crystal Fae!!

I was walking around the lost unicorn sim today looking cute and re-stumbled across this cave. it is a quick picture really, but wanted to share the prettiness! A few other pics below of the front and side. The dress is available for a special "After Dark" round of the Fantasy Collective, comes is some lovely colours and the texture is beaut! Annnnnd, with that cut out at the back, I get to show off my butt, I am skin from plastik ;) All info and taxies below <3

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Group Gift
Dress - Storybook - Minx in Innocent (for Maitreya mesh body) @ "After Dark" round of the Fantasy Collective,
Hair - .Olive. the Late Hair
Horns - Plastik - Trinket Horns
Necklace - Plastik - Forestren Necklace & Twigged Necklace from Petrichor Druid Gatcha in store
Rings - Plastik - Lianwe Ohm Rings
Ears - Trap - Beastie Imp Ears

Taken at The Lost Unicorn

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summers Here

I saw a picture of a beach scene on flickr yesterday and it looked sooooo perfect! So, I had to pop along and take my freckles and Fantasy Collective previews with me :) All info and taxies below, along with a few raw shots to show of details. <3

Shopping List;
Skin - Plastik - Briane Skin, Abelle NEWNESS!
Hair - .Olive. the Late Hair
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears
Tattoo - White Widow - Genius in copper Soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Nipple covers & Bracelets - Aisling - Ignis Soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Chain Bindi, Septum and chin stud (modded tear) - Aisling - Karishma @ The Arcade (gacha items)
Panties - .Aisling. Lagun Pantie

Taken @ Las Aernas

Monday, 20 June 2016

Autumn in Summer

OMG, where to start!!!! Plastik has brought out new skins!!!! And anyone who knows me knows I love skins. Fallen Gods and Plastik are my favourites as they are fantasy skins and I love fantasy. These new skins from plastiK are amazing. The general detail on them (Skin texture, hands, feet, belly etc) are really high quality and the pretty swirls are super amazing!! I was so stuck which skin to chose and what look / outfit to go with as I just had too many ideas! Then I came across this amazing outfit and staff from Enfant Terrible. It was so perfect for this skin tone! I love magic and I am a sucker for particles and saw that Cole's Corner had brought out some new shinnies!!! I am in love with them though you can't really see them in these or the raw pictures below but they really are beautiful. The have little shooting stars that go around your body! (I will learn how to do videos so you guys can see stuff like this)  I am really not great at wording things, hence why I take pictures rather than write ;) So I have added some raw shoots for you to see the details. A shopping list and taxis are all below. Have a great day!! <3

Shopping List;

Head - Logo - Alex
Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Skin - Plastik - Draziele Skin, Archon
Ears - Bentbox - Sylvan Ears  - Small
Eyes - A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes- Yellow (old gacha? found on the market)
Hair - Little Bones - Lo
Headdress - .Enfant Terrible. Daliahs Headpiece Gold
Necklace - .Enfant Terrible. Daliahs Necklace Gold
Top, Panties and Skit - .Enfant Terrible. Verelis Gold
Staff - .Enfant Terrible. Verelis Staff Gold
Bracers - .Enfant Terrible. Chloes Bracer antique gold
Pretty Gold Sparkles (Particles)  Cole's Corner - summer solstice cosmic fireflies @ Cosmopolitan

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Morning Baby


Shopping List;

Tattoo - White Widow - Midnight in Paris , White
Hair - Little Bones - Lo
Mask, Necklace, Earrings, Rings & Braclet - Plastik - Opaline Gatcha
Corset, panties and pasties - Aisling - Tonya @ The Vintage Fair

Build - dust bunny . wanderlust . hedera cabin @ The Arcade
Side table, tabletop décor, bird cage light stand & sofa - DRD Love Nest @ The Arcade

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Brewing a Love Potion

#1 Soaking the ingredients
#2 The Spell

#3 Bottling Love

I got my hands on some great goodies from Aisling. the Mirror For Narcissus and the DIY Love Potion set (gacha) I was going to do just one picture, but I got a little carried away and not even really sure I have finished yet >.<  I am also wearing a new chestlace from Aisling called Jaina @ We Love Roleplay. All details below as always, however I don't have the ingredients for a love potion, that you will have to find yourself ;)

Shopping List;

Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Head & Skin - .: fiore :. Mesh Head - Contoured, ItGirls skin - Isabeli Pale
Hair -  #1 *ARGRACE* UREI - Vanilla
           #2 Runaway - Amalthea Hair
Chestlace (in #2 & #3) Aisling - Jaina style 1 @ We Love Roleplay

Décor #1
Bath (it's looks kinda like a bath here, but it's not when seen inworld) with floating Roses - Aisling - Mirror For Narcissus
Single Red Roses - Aisling DIY Love Potion #11 (gacha item)

Décor #2
Bath (it's looks kinda like a bath here, but it's not when seen inworld) with floating Roses - Aisling - Mirror For Narcissus
Star made out of Roses - Aisling - DIY Love Potion - #11 (gacha item)
Glass vials with burner - Aisling - DIY Love Potion  #16 (gacha item)
Bottles - Aisling - DIY Love Potion #4
Candles and Hourglass - Aisling - DIY Love Potion #10

Décor #3
Seat (looks like just a seat but needs to be seen in sl, it's also the "bath" in the other 2 pictures)  Aisling - Mirror For Narcissus
Candles and Hourglass - Aisling - DIY Love Potion #10
Bottles - Aisling - DIY Love Potion #4
Glass vials with burner - Aisling - DIY Love Potion  #16 (gacha item)
Single Red Roses - Aisling DIY Love Potion #11 (gacha item)
Hanging Lamp - Aisling - DIY Love Potion #2
Floor Roses (Floating roses from the "seat") - Aisling - Mirror For Narcissus
Books - Aisling - DIY Love Potion #5
Potion bottle in hand - *May's Soul* Akira. Love filter (gacha item)

Just for you info, here's the gacha key for the DIY Love Potion from Aisling

Friday, 10 June 2016

Royal Beauty

Shopping List

Head - Fiore - Contoured mesh head
Skin Applier - ItGirls - FIORE Skin Applier - Isabeli Pale
Ears - Mandala - STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair - Runaway - Amalthea
Dress - The White Armory - Calista Rain Wedding Gown
Crown - Aisling - Nealane Crown @ We Love Role-play
Necklace & Earrings - Aisling - Everild  @ We Love Role-play

Picture taken at The Lost Unicorn gallery

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Another for the Arcade photo contest. I saw this picture when I saw this great hoverbike!! And this outfit was just sooooo hot it deserved fire!

Items form the Arcade
* ^^Swallow^^ Ears Pax SILVER
* `M.BIRDIE / Military look.choker black
* AZOURY - Attawa Shoes Aphrodite
* Fawny - body suit, belt and leg Ammunition - Hot Mafia
* (Yummy) Luxury Septum's - Waterfall Septum

Other Items;
Hair - Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Western wind (gacha item at main store)
Skin - ItGirls -  Isabeli, Summer (For Fiore mesh head)
Tattoo - White Widow - Chocolate in black.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Into The Forest

Can't get enough of this forest (Telrunya, Forest of Dreams), or the creatures I can come up with while there. I have added some raw shots just below of the closer pics of this outfit as I can't get enough of it. I am not really much of a writer so try and let the pictures do the "talking" but in this case I wanted to do some simple shots to show of the amazing freckly skin,the artwork of this beautiful tattoo, details of these stunning horns and the great texture of this outfit! All details and taxies in the shopping list <3

Shopping List

Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Head - LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega
Eyes - A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy  Eyes- Red/Green (off the market, gacha item?)
Hair - Exile::Go Browns @ The Arcade
Skin - Plastik - Varyne Freckled - FLF Skin
Outfit - Stroybook - Bard @ the Fantasy Collective! (exclusive for Maitreya body)
Tattoo - White Widow - Charad
Horns - Plastik - Trinket horns
Nose ring, Nose chain & Tears - Aisling - Karishma @ The Arcade
Rings and Bracelet - Plastik - Ohm Rings and Bracelet

Morning Breeze

Yes, I know, another for the contest, but I just love the items from this round! I've not even started yet ;)) If you want to know how you can take part in the Arcade photo contest, all you need to know is HERE

I had this picture set up before the other ones, but didn't have the "right" outfit, then this perfect corset and panties was in my received files and at last the picture is complete :)

Arcade June items;
* dust bunny . wanderlust . rose teacup
* anc, forget, yellow and pink wing leaf, swallow sugarwhite
* Sweet Thing. Rose Princess Neckpiece
* Birdy - Boho - Headdress - white
* Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair \ Daydream - Natural dye

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Take Me Home

Wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt
 If you ask me, don't know where to start
 Anger, love, confusion
 Roads that go nowhere
 I know that somewhere better
 'Cause you always take me there
 Came to you with a broken faith
 Gave me more than a hand to hold
 Caught before I hit the ground
 Tell me I'm safe, you've got me now
 Would you take the wheel
 If I lose control?
 If I'm lying here
 Will you take me home?
 Could you take care of a broken soul?
 Will you hold me now?
 Oh, will you take me home?
I have taken this for the Arcade Photo Contest. If you'd like to have a go (you know you wanna) HERE is all you need to know
Arcade June items;
* anc - glass coffin [Giulietta], Swallow [skyblue]
* {Reverie}#1 - Backstage Diva Nightdress
* DRD LN chandelier 1 (top right)
* dust bunny . wanderlust . flower skull
* * Exile - Exile::Stay Grayscale

Friday, 3 June 2016

Dancing Companion

 It's that time again folk's, it's ARCADE TIME!!! I am totally addicted to the photo contest. I love to get all these random items and make a picture of them! If you want to have a go for yourself (go on, ya know ya wanna) Check out the rules HERE

OK, here goes SHOPPIN LIST

Items from the Arcade round June
Birdy - Boho - Headdress, Stomach Chain, Arm Chains, Leg Chains, Bikini and Elephant
Aisling - Karishma - Earrings, Necklace, Nose Chain
Pixel Mode - Anahata - Cascading Candles, Yoga Rugs, Pillow Seat,  Side Table,  Ottoman.
dust bunny . wanderlust . rose teacup
Ariskea[Paradise] Ground Lamp
Exile::Go #15

other bits

Tattoo - White Widow - Gravity
Skin - ItGirls - Isabeli, Summer (For Fiore mesh head)
Pose in top picture - ROQUAI (stars 1) @ Pose Lover (details)

Creature of the night

Head - Genesis Lab - Ingrid (gacha item) @ The Dark Side event
Top (Harness) Aisling - Isfyr @ Whimsical
Feather shoulders - Storybook - Morrigan @ The Dark Side event
Hair - Little Bones - Lo
Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears (season 5)