⛧ Queen of Legend ⛧

The kinda Queen I wanna be :)Still really enjoying my time playing with the amazing items on offer at SAMHAIN: A Pagan Festival open now and running through till 2nd November. Taxi Shopping list from the event;⛧ Horns - {aii & ego} - Iron Nimbus Horns Lily Royal  ⛧ Head with flames - [ContraptioN] Breath of Aillen Head  ⛧ Staff - LUX AETERNA [Princeps Acherontis] Staff 
Other items not at the event;
Suit and Tail- Aii Necklaces and Crown - Aisling  Cape - Cureless
Taken at the most amazing Halloween sim Return To Darkwood

⛧ By The Moon ⛧

More goodness from SAMHAIN: A Pagan Festival opening 10th October and running through till 2nd November. Who doesn't want to be a dark, cute, magical fawn right :)
This event already has me bursting with ideas, and it's not even open yet!!! Will of course update with the taxi when it's open, till then here's my shopping list;EDIT;TAXIItems from the event;⛧ Antlers and forehead adornment - *Rainbow Sundae* Arianrhod  ⛧ Body antlers - En Pointe - The Empress ⛧ Top - . The Rotting Lab . Sauin Lingerie (Top) ⛧ Headdress - Air - Silentium ⛧ Face Makeup - -BUG- Ritual Makeup BLACK [BoM] ⛧ Eyes - VAIN - God Eyes ⛧ Tattoo - Lilithe'// Cerridwen Tattoos [FLOWERS+MOTHS] ⛧ Pose and moon - Poseidon - Priestess 
Other items; legs, ears and tail - Sweet things Hair - Doux Small horns and orb- Aii

⛧ Dark Priestess ⛧

More goodness from SAMHAIN: A Pagan Festival opening 10th October and running through till 2nd November. EDITTAXI

Here are a few detail shots;

Items from the event;⛧ Robe - CURELESS[+] Dhuosnos Robe ⛧ Face Markings - Skoll - Samhain Ritual  ⛧ Eyes - +FATHER+ - Phobia Eyes
Other items, not from the event;
Small and large horns - Aii  Hair - Tableau Vivant  Orb - Aii Halo - LUX AETERNA 

⛧ Spells ⛧

EDIT TAXI Sollemne / Infernum Events presents SAMHAIN: A Pagan Festival opening 10th October and running through till 2nd November. I am super excited to be blogging this event, you just know this is going to be jam packed full of goodness.This is my first of many I'm sure;

As the event is not yet open, I can't add the taxi yet, but till then, here is my shopping list so you can start on your own;⛧ Tattoo - Lilithe - Cerridwen Tattoos [FULL] (This tattoo comes in 5 different versions) ⛧ Pose with candles, book and held card - Velika Rituals - Ancestry Invocation, used all below (I did mod the pose some for the picture above so this is to show it as it is)

DISORDERLY. / Ritual Night

BLACK NEST / Sade Hallway Collection 

Other bit not from the event; ⛧ Hair and tangled hair with horns - Doux ⛧ Legs, Tail and small forehead horns - Aii ⛧ Ears - VALKYR

Enchantment presents "Princess Bride"

Enchantment is now open and this rounds theme is the "Princess Bride" There are so many wonderful things on offer, including this beautiful horse and accessories. The outfit is also at Enchantment, and comes in 5 different colours.
Shopping list from Enchantment; Horse Horse - [Teegle] "Aphrodite" the Arabian Horse Tack - Jinx : Arabian Nights Tack for TeeglePet Arab Mane - Jinx : Arab Mane for TeeglePet Arab Tail - *CINNAMON* Princess Tail - Teeglepet ARAB Shoes - ::Whymsikal:: Bridal Horse Shoes - Arabian AV Outfit - [JANGKA] SHANEE Outfit White (includes Tiara and Garter) Shoes [JANGKA] SHANEE Boots White Hair - no.match_ ~ NO_FANTASY Taken at the Enchantment sim 

Fantasy Faire Centaur

I have been hanging out at Faireholm Sponsored by Jinx at the Fantasy Faire today, have to say, it's been soooo much fun! I have been so many cute little AV's and met so many lovely people, one being the owner of Jinx, Julala. She is trying to take over the Faire with Centaur's, and when they look this good can you blame her! I am wearing the Centaur from Jinx along with the RFL item Arwenae for Centaur. The beautiful Centaur skin from Cinnamon goes amazingly with the tattoo (which comes as an applier when you buy the skins) by Trapp. I feel like a Royal Faire Unicorn dressed like this.

Both Jinx and Cinnamon are on Faireholm, Trapp is on The Shrine Tree

The Fantasy Faire 2019 is OPEN!!

WELCOME HOME all Fae folk, the Fantasy Faire 2019 has opened it's gates and people are already flooding in! With it being bigger than before ... 16 sims in size!!! It is home of amazing designers, performers, party goers and all kinds of fae folk longer this year, till the 5th May.

I get totally giddy the first days of the faire, I run around trying to soak everything up, but there is so so much to look at, do, see, shop! So I am going to start at the Fairelands Junction Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project.

Saiyge Lotus.
"The junction is the heart of the Fairelands, offering portals to the other lands, remembrance wall and glimpses to the Fairelands That Could Be: Worldlings."

I did not do the Junction justice with these pictures, so you really need to go check it out yourself, then take a portal and get lost among the magic.

Among the beauty of the amazing worlds created, is of course SHOPPING I have really dug into that yet but I found a few bits for this look to fin…