Saturday, 30 July 2016

Making Stars

Why can't I dress as an elf with pretty horns and roses and paint the sky with stars? :)

Shopping List

Head - Genesis - Satomi NEW @ Kustom9
Hair - Little Bones - May NEW @ N21
Headdress - Aisling - Savage Winter, Frost
Dress - Aisling - Qarth Lady, Night
Hands, Upper arms, Chest and Necklace - Aisling - Dame des Fleurs in silver (gatcha in main store)

Friday, 29 July 2016

Magic Elf

I never want to human again!! Just look at me!! I have lots of newness from plastik and the new head from Genesis (which I think looks amazing as an elf :)) I also found refound a store called JOMO and fell in love with this dress / kimono. As always, this is a short but sweet description as I am not great with words, but a few other pictures and all the info you need is below.

Shopping List

Head - Genesis - Satomi NEW @ Kustom9
Eyes - A.D.D.Andel! Siren Eyes-Pink @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Ears - Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Hair - Moon - Rajana
Dress - JOMO - xiaoqian Ghost Set E
Bindi - Plastik - Complex Bindi from the Crystalle Boho Gatcha @ Epiphany
Mid length necklace (with moons) - Plastik - Lune Necklaces:// Goldenesque from the Crystalle Boho Gatcha @ Epiphany
Neckring, Crystal bracelet, Choker, Long necklace, earrings and Horns - Plastik - The Crystallisk Spires Gacha - coming to the Gatcha Gardens (Opening 1st August, will update with taxi then)
Rings and Cuffs -  Plastik - The Absole Jewelry @ N21
Nails - Formanails - Russian Almond
Glowly magic in hand - Aisling - Light aura (free gift by the fangarth gacha machine in the main store)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Crystal Magic

Here is some new pretties from Plastik and Storybook!! I am not great with words (even less today) but wanted to share these beaut with you guys!!


Shopping List

Horns, Harness, Necklace, Chocker, Earrings, Bracelet - Plastik - The Crystallisk Spires Gacha - coming to the Gatcha Gardens (Opening 1st August, will update with taxi then)
Skin - Plastik - Briane, Sacha
Tattoo - Gauze - Shiva in Gold
Rings - Plastik - Absole Rings & Bracelet N21
Ears - Mandala - Fantasy Ears
Hair - Moon - Rajana
Halo - Plastik - Supernova Halo (Gatcha in store)
Dress - Storybook - Medusa in Mangrove @ Epiphany

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sky Water

Swimsuit, shoulder branches and bracelet - E.V.E - Ethereal in Gold @ The Secret Affair
Earrings - Plastik - Pa-ti earrings in Golden @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo - White Widow - Equals in Blue @ Shiny Shabby
Rings - Plastik - The Crystal Boho Gacha, Bea ringset @ Epiphany
Hair - ARGRACE - UREI in Vanilla

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Playing with water flowers

Plastik is taking part in Epiphany and the items up for grabs are beautiful!! I am wearing the horns from the main gacha but the necklace, rings and bindi are from the exclusive. Also, this beautiful done pose is new from ROQUAI, a set called Sun. (Pictured is number 3) get on over and grab some beautiful poses.

Epiphany info;

What is an exclusive item?
Each brand provides an exclusive item that will only ever be sold during the event. They cost 25 points to obtain and can not be bought with linden dollars.

How do I get points?
Everytime you play, you'll get a box that has your prize inside but there is also a script. When you rez your box down, this script will ask you if you want to KEEP your prize or REDEEM it. If you choose to keep it, the script will disappear and you can take your prize into your inventory. If you click REDEEM then you will get 1 point if it's a common and 3 points if it's a rare, but your prize will be deleted and you will not be able to access it.

Can I use my redeemed points from Plastik items on a different store's exclusive item?
Yes, you absolutely can. Points can be used on every machine in the event. It does not matter which items were redeemed.

This picture was taken at the beautiful sim called The Bay - Reborn

The plastic gacha guide and a few more up close pictures of the details of this look, and of course shopping list and taxis below <3



Shopping List

Skin - Fallen Gods - Sidera Laguna
Head - LAQ - Mesh Head Trinity
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Kai
Dress - .AiShA. - Ice Dress S Frost Ice (gacha item at main store)
Upper Arm Bracelets - Ailsing - Tallulah Arms Silver (gacha item at main store)
Wings and Wand - Plastik - Petrichor Druid Gatcha:// Dene Wings (gacha item at main store)
Rings - Plastik - Bea Ringset [Slink Casual-Left]:// Turquaz @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Necklace's ( Lune Necklaces:// Silvered Turquaz & Spire Quartz Pendant [Long]:// Turquaz) - Plastik - @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Bindi - Plastik - Bolli Bindi [Complex]:// Turquaz  @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Foot Particals - Cole's Corner - Celestial Foot Trai
Body Particals - Cole's Corner - Glamour Glitter - Glitter (White)

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fire Light


Shopping List

Corset - Aisling - Vadna Clincher NEW @ Romp (opens 15th July)
Collar and Head piece - Aisling - Edyna NEW @ Romp (opens 15th July)
Tattoo - White Widow - Shallows Rare in Black NEW @ Epiphany (opens 15th July)
Earrings and Nose chain - Aisling - Karishma (previous Arcade gacha)
Nipple rings - The Forge - Fluer Nipple Ring in Gold

Blue Lagoon

Shopping List

Head - LAQ -  Mesh head Trinity 1.0 NEW
Skin applier - LAQ - Wilma NEW (The head applier is included in the head)
Eyes - IKON - Sovereign Eyes - Ghost
Hair - Magika - Bad Habit
Tattoo - White Widow - Shallows Rare in Henna SOON @ EPIPHANY (open 15th July)
Necklace - Yummy - Layered Chain Choker - Gold
Bangles - Aisling - Sadhana- Bracelets (gacha item in store)
Bikini - Rebel Hope - Chasta Bikini, Blue

Taken @ The Bay - Reborn

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Was walking around The Bay and saw the most fitting little cage for my look today, so of course I had to take a few snaps. Detailed pictures and shopping list with taxies below <3

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Briane Skin, Sylvaine
Eye Makeup - Plastik -  The June Fauxe Makeups, Seadrue
Eyes - IKON - Sovereign Eyes - Wight (with the glow on)
Feet and finger nails - [CerberusXing] Talon Nails, black
Hair - Truth - Arwen
Headdress, Neclace, Bracers and Lower Legs in black - Aisling - Fangarth (gacha items, machine in store)
Bra, Panties, Belt, Chain belt, Upper legs in silver - Aisling - Meave (gach items, machine in store)
Face chains - Aisling - Xanthe -Dentelle Black (gacha items, machine in store)

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Heat Seeker

Lots of new goodie for you guys here from Indie Teepee, The Liaison Collaborative and we <3 RP. Please see below for close up pictures and all the shopping info you need, including taxis <3

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Briane Skin, Alienor tone
Eye Shadow - Plastik - The June Fauxe Makeups in Macaw
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears
Hair - Little Bones - Tara
Tattoo - White Widow - Lights Out in Black @ We<3RP
Dress - Storybook - Covet (maitreya exclusive) @ Indie Teepee
Earrings - Plastik - Marris Earring @ The Liaison Collaborative
Necklaces - Plastik - Wenhe Necklace @ The Liaison Collaborative
Rings - Plastik - Ohm Rings
Septum and chin stud (chin stud is a modded tear) Aisling - Karishma (previous gacha item from the arcade)
Leg Chains - Birdy - Boho Leg Chains in gold (previous gaha item form the arcade)

Friday, 8 July 2016

The Watch

I LOVE this look. I can't really explain why (I am poo with words) but, just look at it!!! Whats not to love right!! Few of my favourite bits though;

Belt, I saw this belt on a guy walking around we love role play and I was all over him like a rash to find out where it was from. It's amazing! The details and the fact I have never seen anything else like it before! Thank you Polyester Partridge from yummy for creating such a perfect accessory!

Skin, ok you guys by now know I am a big fan of Plastik! This is another skin from her new skin line Briane. It's the lightest tone but can still see all the amazing detail and beautiful freckles.

Ear wings, I have had these in my inv for years!! No I never want to take them off!! They are perfect for this look and I love the dangles on them.

Aisling in general have some of my favourite items. Here I have their cape, chest piece and sword which I loved the name of "The Unexpected Wife" lol

The location. This is such a beautiful place I kinda don't want to share, but will *pouts a little* These picture were taken at The Lost Unicorn sim at the Elves area.

Close up's, shopping list and all taxies below, enjoy lovelies!


Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Briane Skin, Sylvaine
Head - Catwa - Alice
Hair - Exile - Stay in grey scale (pervious arcade gacha item)
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears 
Ear wings - RO (Remarkable Oblivion) - Elysium in white
Skirt and Corset -  Pixicat - Hunter set in Brown
Boots - Pixicat - Freja Boots in Brown
Top - [The Forge] Trelis Top in brown
Arm cuffs - [The Forge] Daerwen Armour in Bronze
Sword - Aisling - The Unexpected Wife - Sword
Chestlace - Aisling - Ydriss Chestlace
Cape - Aisling - Danae
Bindi - Air_BINDI(9)Green&Gold (gacha item found on the market)

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Skin - Plastik - Draziele Skin, Astaroth
Eye Makeup - Plastik - The June Fauxe Makeups in Canda
Outfit & Head piece - !dM - Thyia in Silver Thistle (old gacha item)
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears, Large

Friday, 1 July 2016

Pulse Pride

I am not good with words really, not when it comes to important things such as what happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. My heart broke for the victims, their family's, the lgbt community and humanity in general really. Then, something beautiful happen. The amazing people of secondlife got together to create the Pluse Event, where all donations will go directly to This kind of thing helps restore my fuzzy feeling :) A HUGE thank you to all you wonderful people who have put together items for this event. YOU are making things a little better for people who are going through the worse time of their life. So, while the topic is a sad one, I wanted to do a picture for all the people who still went out and celebrated pride, who despite the tragic event, the fear, the uncertainty. They stood for what they deserve, to love and be loved.  Below is the shopping list and a few more raw shots to show off this details, I am not sure I want to ever change from my pastel rainbow.

Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Spektrum Skins for the Pulse Event
Eye Shadow - Plastik - The June Fauxe Makeups
Eyes - MudSkin -Elf eyes #15
Ears - Mandala - STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair - Exile - Go, Wild Fusion (previous arcade gacha)
Top and Skirt - Plastik - Silas Pastel for the Pulse Event
Wings - [][]Trap[][][Gauze] - Succubus Wings
Fairy Dust Particles - Coles Corner - Glamour Glitter - Shuffle (Spring Rainbow)
Rings - Plastik - Ohm Rings
Pose with rainbow heart - elephante poses - Love for the Pulse Event
Nail Polish - Bella Elephante - Galaxy for the Pulse Event