Monday, 19 September 2016

Wanna Play A Game?

Shopping List

Skin - Fallen Gods - Pure Ivory
Body Tattoo - Fallen Gods - Auspex @ The Twisted Hunt
Head - Catwa - Amelie
Ears - Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Eyes - IKON - Starfall
Hair - Lamb - Xia @ C88
Eye Makeup - Plastik - Fauxe September, Unrest Black
Nail Polish - Plastik - Sehra @ The Cosmetic Fair
Choker, Short Necklace & Med Necklace - Plastik - Penma Jewelry
Earrings & Long Necklace - Plastik - Voracious Jewelry
Upper arm & Upper leg Chains - Birdy - Boho in Silver (pervious Arcade gacha item)
Bidi - Plastik - Bolli Bindi [Simple]:// Darkness from the Crystalle Boho Gatcha
Rings - Mandala - Sinra Rings Season2
Dress - Storybook - Medusa Dress in Mamba (previous gacha item)

Angel Tears

The Secret Affair is open and Aisling has spoiled us for choice this round!! Just look at the amazing goodies on offer!

Shopping List

Malika crown, Selixie, Simple Bindi, Body Glitter, Body Glitter and Raya Necklace  - Aisling @ The Secret Affair
Pasties - Aisling -Ignis
Head - Catwa - Amelie
Skin - CURELESS [+] Endorphine / SAND
Hair Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Western wind - Blacks+Whites
Wings - Blueberry - Oakley - Rare - Maitreya - Gold Wings

Friday, 9 September 2016

Drops Of Jupiter

Been playing my guitar to my little boy today and one of the songs he loves is "Drops Of Jupiter" by Train, so this picture turned out very influenced by that song.

Listen here;

Full info with taxis below;

Shopping List

Skin - CURELESS [+] Endorphine / SAND
Head - Catwa - Amelie
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Starry Night, Windy - Ombre (gacha item in main store)
Dress - Moon Amore - Nebula Dress (Onyx)  @ Limit8
Necklace's, Earrings - Plastik - Crystalle Boho Gatcha

Moon - anc - MoonLightLounge, moon boat (gacha item in main store)
Clouds - E.V.E Tornado Nebula Eye Pink & Blue
Star Pins - Air - Lost  Star pin in gold
Floating Stars - anc - star flakes in gold
Falling Stars - anc - shooting star {RAIN}magic

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

White Witch

It's a new round at We <3 Roleplay and this is Aisling release. I saw it and thought "white/good witch" So here's what I did with the beautiful items they have created. Below are the other items I used from Aisling's DIY Love Potion and the items on offer and we <3 roleplay All info and taxies below.


Shopping List

Skin - Cureless - Endorphine / SAND (v.1)
Tattoo - Cureless - Healed Cherry Blooms
Head - Catwa - Alice
Hair - Moon - Reasons @ The Arcade
Horns & Crown - Aisling - Savage Winter Crown {Snow}
Circlet, Arms and Necklace - Aisling - Circe (gacha item @ mainstore)
Dress - Belle Epoque - Braelynn in White

New set's from Aisling (see above picture) @ We <3 Roleplay & DIY Love Potion (older gacha item @ mainstore)

A New Face

I think I have found a ME!! Anyone who knows my inworld knows I change how I look, A LOT. I love skins and hair and different heads and can never seem to stick with a look more than  a few days. But THIS!! Well, I am in love with this look The skin, tattoo, hair, all of it! I love my face!!

Skin - Cureless - Endorphine / SAND (v.1)
Tattoo - Cureless - Healed Cherry Blooms
Hair - Clawtooth - Bedroom eyes #18 (Arcade sep 16 item)
Bindi & Necklace - Plastik -  Crystal Spires & Crystalle Boho items
Eyes - IKON Sovereign Eyes in Wight
Head - Catwa - Alice