Monday, 10 February 2020

Enchantment presents "Princess Bride"

Enchantment is now open and this rounds theme is the "Princess Bride"
There are so many wonderful things on offer, including this beautiful horse and accessories. The outfit is also at Enchantment, and comes in 5 different colours.

Shopping list from Enchantment;
Horse - [Teegle] "Aphrodite" the Arabian Horse
Tack - Jinx : Arabian Nights Tack for TeeglePet Arab
Mane - Jinx : Arab Mane for TeeglePet Arab
Tail - *CINNAMON* Princess Tail - Teeglepet ARAB
Shoes - ::Whymsikal:: Bridal Horse Shoes - Arabian
Outfit - [JANGKA] SHANEE Outfit White (includes Tiara and Garter)
Shoes [JANGKA] SHANEE Boots White
Hair - no.match_ ~ NO_FANTASY
Taken at the Enchantment sim


Saturday, 20 April 2019

Fantasy Faire Centaur

I have been hanging out at Faireholm Sponsored by Jinx at the Fantasy Faire today, have to say, it's been soooo much fun! I have been so many cute little AV's and met so many lovely people, one being the owner of Jinx, Julala. She is trying to take over the Faire with Centaur's, and when they look this good can you blame her! I am wearing the Centaur from Jinx along with the RFL item Arwenae for Centaur. The beautiful Centaur skin from Cinnamon goes amazingly with the tattoo (which comes as an applier when you buy the skins) by Trapp. I feel like a Royal Faire Unicorn dressed like this.

Both Jinx and Cinnamon are on Faireholm, Trapp is on The Shrine Tree

Friday, 19 April 2019

The Fantasy Faire 2019 is OPEN!!

WELCOME HOME all Fae folk, the Fantasy Faire 2019 has opened it's gates and people are already flooding in! With it being bigger than before ... 16 sims in size!!! It is home of amazing designers, performers, party goers and all kinds of fae folk longer this year, till the 5th May.

I get totally giddy the first days of the faire, I run around trying to soak everything up, but there is so so much to look at, do, see, shop! So I am going to start at the Fairelands Junction Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project.

Saiyge Lotus.
"The junction is the heart of the Fairelands, offering portals to the other lands, remembrance wall and glimpses to the Fairelands That Could Be: Worldlings."

I did not do the Junction justice with these pictures, so you really need to go check it out yourself, then take a portal and get lost among the magic.

Among the beauty of the amazing worlds created, is of course SHOPPING I have really dug into that yet but I found a few bits for this look to finish off my unicorn look :))
Pictures and details below :)

Shopping List
Skin - :[Plastik]: & []TRAP[] - Amatheia Skin (Femme):// Asherah @ The Shrine Tree - The Fantasy Faire (Plastik store - Trap store)
Unicorn horn, ears, tail, & chest piece - Plastik - Unicorn Kinn Gatcha in mainstore
Body suit, armlets, belt and choker - Plastik - Xanne Axecaster Gacha @ Epiphany
Unicorn Legs - Trap - Faun Legs - Long - @ The Shrine Tree - The Fantasy Faire
Elf Ears - Soul - Uni Ears [v2] - Royal Elf @ Main Store

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Rest For A Traveller - A Fantasy Faire Post


Hi all! I have spent the last few days just soaking in the Fantasy Faire and I have hardly touched the shops. The sims are so amazing. I cam across Astrid's Nemeton and got lost in the beauty of it for at least a day. It has amazing little paths to follow with beautiful little spots to relax in that I never really wanted to leave, and everywhere I go the people are so so lovely. I just want the faire to last forever <3 There is also a quest on Astird, it doesn't cost anything and it's so so fun! For all you need to know about the faire, including a shopping guide, upcoming events and sim info, please take a look at the official Fantasy Faire page
Rest For A Traveller

Astrid’s Nemeton (lrriven)Welcome traveler to these lands of hope.
This is a place where miracles happen, where magic lives on the air and graces every being who walks its paths. Here the cursed come seeking refuge and the blessed offer a guiding hand to those in need. These are the lands of faerie, just on the edge of humanities borders. This is the seat of the last of the great druids; Astrid. Her nemeton, the rocky crags, hidden grottos, and lush plateaus is a safe home for all of the fae.
Many who breach our borders come seeking salvation, and we can offer that. But we are faerie and everything has its price.

My look (other than hair which is a VIP item from March from Truth) is from the faire.
The amazing baby rhino is a add on for the WH riding horse by Jinx. It's amazing! The colours to pick from are really great too. Jinx can be found at Tiny Town
The skin is a collaboration between Plastik and Trapp and this one is the RFL item this year which means processes go towards a really good cause, eyes and headdress are by Plastik. Everything she does always comes in the most amazing colours with such amazing detail. The skins are amazing and can be found at both stores. Plastik is found at Pools of Ethuil, Trapp at Erstwhile
The outfit is also a RFL item by Pyscho Barbie. It does in lots of other colours but I love purple. Pyscho Barbie is at The Bazaar Dungeons
I am now off to see if I can finish the sim quest, wish me luck <3

Friday, 20 April 2018

Dark Magic - A Fantasy Faire Post

It's one of my favourite times of the year in SL, it's the FANTASY FAIRE! If you haven't heard of this, you are in for a HUGE treat. I have been attending for as long as I have been in SL ( 9 years) and every year it's like coming home for me. Not only is there the amazing sim, each created just for the time the event is open, there are sooooo many stores with the most amazing goodies. The people are always amazing and there are more events than you could possibly attended ... but more than all that, it's a RFL event, one of the biggest in SL, so you can really help an amazing cause by shopping your socks off. For all the info you could possibley need, please see the Official Fantasy Faire Blog;
Dark Magic

The first sim I visited was Serverina, sponsored by BattleBeast Breedables;

Severina (Lokii Violet)From the mists, the village peeks from beneath it’s blanketing shadow, spires that reach to the heavens for salvation that never comes.. It’s spoken only as a myth to some, where creatures of the darkness hold dominion over the very light itself to swaddle the island in the goddess of the night’s sway. Severina sings like a siren’s call, beckoning the wayward travelers from their domiciles; stray not too far without a lantern, and raise your glass and tip your hat to the ferryman, for he may be the last one that sees you to that good rest if you don’t make it to the next night.

I felt like I was meant to be here dressed as I was, all dark and mystical. I have goodies on from the faire of course. This amazing skin is from SN (sinful needs) and has such amazing detail, it comes with different coloured brow options and the skin colours that is comes in would suit anyone's taste. The wings are from Spider Productions and are amazing! They have so many features which is really handy if like me you change a lot. To finish off, I used this staff from Talevin's Designs, this has lots of colour options, with and without particles and a AO. For full style info and taxies please see full look and list below:

Style info
Head - Catwa, Catya
Body - Maitreya, Lara
Skin - SN (Sinfull Needs) Skin - Reverie F Hematite @ The Fantasy Faire (Location in Severina)
Ears - ^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
Hair - Moon. Hair - Solstice, B&W
Horns - Aii - + Light Dragon Horns + {aii}(old gacha item in store)
Wings - [SP] (Spider Productions) Ascendant Wings Demonic @ The Fantasy Faire (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)
Bra, Nipple Covers, Panties, Cuffs - Nerido - Limba gacha items in black and silver
Drape - Aii - Astral Divinity gacha from March's round of the Arcade (Drape and torn space)
Staff - Talevin's Designs - Staff of Arcane Power @ The Fantasy Faire (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)
Orbs -  Felis Void Works - Star Orb (on the Market Place here)

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Soul Healer

Some amazingness from Plastik and The Looking Glass! Please see below for detailed pictures and taxi's <3

Skin - New Faces - Aurora Catwa App [nc10]
Eyeliner - Suicidal Unborn - Ilienne Eye Makeup
Lipstick - Suicidal Unborn - Lenore Lipstick
Hair - TRUTH - Ophelia @ Salem
Nail Polish - Plastik - Sanila
Necklace & Earrings - Plastik - Rukela Jewelry
Headdress - *LODE* Head Accessory - Zoya [dark]
Bracelets and Rings - V/. VoluptasVirtualis -  [Lali]
Bra, Panties and Ribbons - V/. VoluptasVirtualis  - Liliya 
Dress - [Aleutia] Raini Robe
Case, Goblet and Syringe - Plastik - Traveling Potions @ Lootbox
Everything else - The Looking Glass - The Hounfor @ The Secret Affair 


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

By Moonlight

Not the "sailor moon" style but love this all the time. This is the zenith gacha items at the crystal hearts event. Just wanted to walk in the moonlight with my lamp :)

Shopping List

Head - Catwa - Catya Bento Head
Body - Maiteya - Lara
Skin - Skin - Cureless - [+] Endorphine / PORCELAIN
Eyes - Sucidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes V.2
Ears - Swallow - Shiny Ear
Hair - .Olive. - the Moonie Hair
Lipstick - Pink Fuel - LOGO/OMEGA LIPSTICK Applier - Fresh Lip Tints
Dress (with hands and collar) Shoes, Staff, Mask, hair flowers and butterflies - Zenith - =Zenith=Qing xing deng gacha @ The Crystal Hearts