Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Playing with water flowers

Plastik is taking part in Epiphany and the items up for grabs are beautiful!! I am wearing the horns from the main gacha but the necklace, rings and bindi are from the exclusive. Also, this beautiful done pose is new from ROQUAI, a set called Sun. (Pictured is number 3) get on over and grab some beautiful poses.

Epiphany info;

What is an exclusive item?
Each brand provides an exclusive item that will only ever be sold during the event. They cost 25 points to obtain and can not be bought with linden dollars.

How do I get points?
Everytime you play, you'll get a box that has your prize inside but there is also a script. When you rez your box down, this script will ask you if you want to KEEP your prize or REDEEM it. If you choose to keep it, the script will disappear and you can take your prize into your inventory. If you click REDEEM then you will get 1 point if it's a common and 3 points if it's a rare, but your prize will be deleted and you will not be able to access it.

Can I use my redeemed points from Plastik items on a different store's exclusive item?
Yes, you absolutely can. Points can be used on every machine in the event. It does not matter which items were redeemed.

This picture was taken at the beautiful sim called The Bay - Reborn

The plastic gacha guide and a few more up close pictures of the details of this look, and of course shopping list and taxis below <3



Shopping List

Skin - Fallen Gods - Sidera Laguna
Head - LAQ - Mesh Head Trinity
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Kai
Dress - .AiShA. - Ice Dress S Frost Ice (gacha item at main store)
Upper Arm Bracelets - Ailsing - Tallulah Arms Silver (gacha item at main store)
Wings and Wand - Plastik - Petrichor Druid Gatcha:// Dene Wings (gacha item at main store)
Rings - Plastik - Bea Ringset [Slink Casual-Left]:// Turquaz @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Necklace's ( Lune Necklaces:// Silvered Turquaz & Spire Quartz Pendant [Long]:// Turquaz) - Plastik - @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Bindi - Plastik - Bolli Bindi [Complex]:// Turquaz  @ Epiphany (exclusive item)
Foot Particals - Cole's Corner - Celestial Foot Trai
Body Particals - Cole's Corner - Glamour Glitter - Glitter (White)

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