Friday, 8 July 2016

The Watch

I LOVE this look. I can't really explain why (I am poo with words) but, just look at it!!! Whats not to love right!! Few of my favourite bits though;

Belt, I saw this belt on a guy walking around we love role play and I was all over him like a rash to find out where it was from. It's amazing! The details and the fact I have never seen anything else like it before! Thank you Polyester Partridge from yummy for creating such a perfect accessory!

Skin, ok you guys by now know I am a big fan of Plastik! This is another skin from her new skin line Briane. It's the lightest tone but can still see all the amazing detail and beautiful freckles.

Ear wings, I have had these in my inv for years!! No I never want to take them off!! They are perfect for this look and I love the dangles on them.

Aisling in general have some of my favourite items. Here I have their cape, chest piece and sword which I loved the name of "The Unexpected Wife" lol

The location. This is such a beautiful place I kinda don't want to share, but will *pouts a little* These picture were taken at The Lost Unicorn sim at the Elves area.

Close up's, shopping list and all taxies below, enjoy lovelies!


Shopping List

Skin - Plastik - Briane Skin, Sylvaine
Head - Catwa - Alice
Hair - Exile - Stay in grey scale (pervious arcade gacha item)
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears 
Ear wings - RO (Remarkable Oblivion) - Elysium in white
Skirt and Corset -  Pixicat - Hunter set in Brown
Boots - Pixicat - Freja Boots in Brown
Top - [The Forge] Trelis Top in brown
Arm cuffs - [The Forge] Daerwen Armour in Bronze
Sword - Aisling - The Unexpected Wife - Sword
Chestlace - Aisling - Ydriss Chestlace
Cape - Aisling - Danae
Bindi - Air_BINDI(9)Green&Gold (gacha item found on the market)

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