Thursday, 27 April 2017

Why I Relay

When I was 14 I met a boy, he was 16 (that boy is now my husband) This boy was always seen with another who was my age, 14. They were so close, they really did everything together. But not just your everyday teenage boy stuff like camping, checking out girls or playing computer. They would go to the younger boy's chemo together, when there was needed stays in hospital, they were together. When his hair fell out for the 3td time, and when this 14 year old boy, my age at the time, planned his own funeral, his best friend was there too. His best friend helped to carry him in, and said his goodbyes with "goodbye my friend" by the spice girls. I sat and watched this all unfold. helplessly, like everyone else. It has marked this boy, my now husband. He finds it so hard to get close to people, for the fear of this loss. He so wanted him at our wedding, to meet our son. To hang out. He see's things to this day, 20 years on and still says "omg, Ash would have loved this"

I Relay cause Cancer sucks!!!!
I Relay because this is just one story of my own, I have many, many names, many heart aches from Cancer .... THERE NEEDS TO BE A STOP!!
I Relay for hope. The hope that one day Cancer will be a horror story of the past like the plague, something that WAS.
I Relay because out of everything, Cancer is my biggest fear, for my little boy, my loved ones, for myself.
I Relay so that no one else loses a best friend.

This picture I did in this tone because for me, cancer sucks the colour out of life but, there is a light a hope, the fantasy faire logo and all it stands for. The wings are wings of angels, of hope that no others will find their wings through this awful illness.

Dig deep, shop till you drop! In the hope one day, there will be no reason too <3

Shopping List

Head - Catwa - Catya Bento head
Body - Maiteya - Lara Body
Skin - 7 Deadly Skins - Opal @ The Fantasy Faire on San Mora
Hair - Olive - the Snow Queen Hair (Gacha)
Dress - Belle Epoque - Oriana in White @ The Fantasy Faire on Raven Perch
Wings - Spider Productions - Ascendant Wings @ The Fantasy Faire on Fallen Sands
Headdress, necklace and upper arms - Aisling - Dame des Fleurs (main store gacha)
Glitter Halo - Plastik - Seraph's Halo (Pure) (main store gacha from the shattered angle machine)

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