Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Rest For A Traveller - A Fantasy Faire Post


Hi all! I have spent the last few days just soaking in the Fantasy Faire and I have hardly touched the shops. The sims are so amazing. I cam across Astrid's Nemeton and got lost in the beauty of it for at least a day. It has amazing little paths to follow with beautiful little spots to relax in that I never really wanted to leave, and everywhere I go the people are so so lovely. I just want the faire to last forever <3 There is also a quest on Astird, it doesn't cost anything and it's so so fun! For all you need to know about the faire, including a shopping guide, upcoming events and sim info, please take a look at the official Fantasy Faire page
Rest For A Traveller

Astrid’s Nemeton (lrriven)Welcome traveler to these lands of hope.
This is a place where miracles happen, where magic lives on the air and graces every being who walks its paths. Here the cursed come seeking refuge and the blessed offer a guiding hand to those in need. These are the lands of faerie, just on the edge of humanities borders. This is the seat of the last of the great druids; Astrid. Her nemeton, the rocky crags, hidden grottos, and lush plateaus is a safe home for all of the fae.
Many who breach our borders come seeking salvation, and we can offer that. But we are faerie and everything has its price.

My look (other than hair which is a VIP item from March from Truth) is from the faire.
The amazing baby rhino is a add on for the WH riding horse by Jinx. It's amazing! The colours to pick from are really great too. Jinx can be found at Tiny Town
The skin is a collaboration between Plastik and Trapp and this one is the RFL item this year which means processes go towards a really good cause, eyes and headdress are by Plastik. Everything she does always comes in the most amazing colours with such amazing detail. The skins are amazing and can be found at both stores. Plastik is found at Pools of Ethuil, Trapp at Erstwhile
The outfit is also a RFL item by Pyscho Barbie. It does in lots of other colours but I love purple. Pyscho Barbie is at The Bazaar Dungeons
I am now off to see if I can finish the sim quest, wish me luck <3

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