Sunday, 24 April 2016


Not only does the Fantasy Faire have AMAZING fashion, it also has truly beautiful home and garden items. How ever much I love wandering around the Faire, I want to take a bit of the faire away with me and keep it forever. I wanted to turn a platform into something magic for this picture. I set myself the challenge of no surround's and look what I made!!!! If it wasn't for the amazing sim's of the Fantasy Faire I'd stay right here and grow some more flowers. I have added some pictures of the individual garden items from the faire so you can see them and know what to look for when you're shopping :)

 Lavender Field
Summer Ruins w/animations

MESH Crystalline Flower in purple and Opal. In triple's and single's
Landscape Shopping List
Lavender Field - Kaerri - , @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Bright Haven
Summer Ruins (includes 12 animations, singles and couples) - Simply Shelby @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Breeze
Crystalline Flower - ThatChick - @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Bright Haven
AV Shopping List
Dress, bracers and collar - AiShA - Dryad Dress @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Lucentia
Mask - AiShA - Dryad Mask @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Lucentia
Headdress - LOVE - Butterfly Queen @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Tinkers Hollow
Hair - Analog Dog - Omega @ The Fantasy Faire, sim Tinkers Hollow 
Ears - BentBox - Sylvan Ears, Large 
Head - Genesis Lab - Gemma (rare from The Season Story)

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